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What’s Trending on Instagram?

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Despite the general opinion, Instagram doesn’t have a single algorithm they follow. There are different ones for feed posts, stories, reels, IGTV videos, and the Explore page. Once you figure out the Instagram algorithm for each, it will be much easier to push your content. Instagram, as expected, relies heavily on technology to personalize and improve the user experience with the app.

The Stories section focuses on your closest friends, whose stories you generally see the most, and who you interact with most. But the Explore section always features something entirely new for you. Different parts of the app are organized according to how people prefer to use them.

Ranking Feed and Stories

The feed and stories are where people mostly prefer to connect with loved ones, family and friends, and anyone else they are close to. The four key considerations that influence the Instagram algorithm for these two are:

1- The post’s information:

Whether it is a video or a photo when has it been posted, and how many likes has it received.

2- Information about the poster:

How interesting do you find them and whether they are your friend? How often people engage with their content is also considered.

3- Your activity:

Are you generally more inclined towards videos or pictures? What type of content usually makes you want to interact with it?

4- Your interaction with them:

Are you generally engaging with their posts? Are you liking or commenting on them?

Based on this information, Instagram’s algorithm formulates a “score of interest” that defines the post’s order in the user’s feed or stories.

But there’s more. On the basis of five important interactions, the Instagram algorithm further filters the content showing up on your feed:

  • Would you spend time on the post?

  • Would you like the post?

  • Is there a chance of you commenting on the post?

  • Would you save the post?

  • How much of a chance is there of you tapping on the profile after the post?

The higher the chance of you taking action on a post, the higher up the post would show for you. The more you use Instagram and interact with posts, the better is their understanding of your preferences.

What Engagements Are Most Important to the Instagram Algorithm?

Engagement is very important when talking about the Instagram algorithm. As we mentioned, the likeliness of commenting, saving, and opening up someone’s profile defines Instagram’s algorithm. So while planning your content, keep these questions in mind:

  • Would people like and comment on this post?

  • Would they save it and come back to it later?

  • Does this post have a call-to-action that would warrant the user to open your profile, such as, “click the link in my bio?”

When you create content that encourages engagement, having the Instagram algorithm work in your favor becomes easier.

Although this isn’t a direct part of the Instagram algorithm, creating content that makes people share it leads to more people watching it, Instagram algorithm.

Instagram Reels

Reels are the newest feature by Instagram and is getting the most support by them, so more people have started adopting it. Jumping on the bandwagon and creating reels for your account would give you an extra boost. Furthermore, Instagram has announced that it’s more than just an app to share photos, so incorporating more content with videos is a smart strategy.

Even though there is no surefire way to beat the Instagram algorithm, there are tips such as the ones that we have shared in this article. You can incorporate them into your content to increase engagement and reach more people.

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