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Social Media Updates | 4 Popular Stories This Month

In the ever-changing world of digital media, keeping up with social media updates can be a daunting task. While you are busy planning, creating, and scheduling new content to engage with your followers, it can be challenging to take out the time to read the latest Instagram algorithm updates or learn about the new Snapchat features. However, to improve your organic growth, it is essential to stay updated about all the new ways through which you can improve your social media marketing strategy. So, without further ado, let's dive into this month's top four social media updates!
  1. Snapchat Launches Dynamic Stories

Snapchat recently launched Dynamic Stories – the fastest way to publish premium content. Snapchat has always considered it its responsibility to publish and highlight credible information and news. The Dynamic Stories feature is available in the Discover feed. It allows content partners to connect to the RSS feed, facilitating more accurate and up-to-date reporting from the publications and news outlets. Snapchat believes that Dynamic Stories will enable social media users to create daily content at a lower cost. The developers of the snap sharing app also claimed that Dynamic Sharing would play a vital role in promoting local content globally. The list of partners already using the new feature includes Vice, The Wall Street Journal, and Buzzfeed.

2. Instagram Tweaks its Ranking Algorithm to Focus More on Original Content

Instagram's chief Adam Mosseri recently announced that Instagram is planning to update its ranking criteria to promote original content. In his tweet, Mosseri said that "We have added new ways to tag and improve ranking: Product Tags, Enhanced Tags and Ranking for Originality." As per his mindset, Instagram's chief believes that if a social media user is creating something from scratch, they should get more credit than simply re-sharing content.
It means that content re-posted from other social media platforms or which includes visible watermarks will be downranked. Moreover, earlier reposting content from other accounts was an easy way to boost engagement. However, now according to the latest update, if you are reposting, there's a high chance that your account will see a decline.

3. Twitter Plans to Launch the "Edit Button"

On April Fools’ Day, in reply to persistent requests over the last few years, Twitter finally announced that they are planning to introduce an edit button. The main reason why Twitter has been reluctant to introduce this feature earlier is that theoretically, the brief structure of the tweets leaves them susceptible to changes that could end up twisting the original message. However, prioritizing users’ needs, Twitter has claimed that they have been working on creating the edit button since last year.

4. LinkedIn Introduces Audio Rooms and New Formats for Live Events

LinkedIn decided to take virtual events to a new level by introducing a Clubhouse-like live audio platform dedicated explicitly to hosting marketing initiatives, panel-style discussions, and virtual events. The new platform makes it possible for social media users to not only attend a live event but also actively participate in a conversation. These Audio Rooms are aimed to fuel actionable and productive discussions while creating new networking opportunities.

Wrapping It Up!

Implementing new social media trends will help improve your digital marketing strategy and customer engagement. Therefore, make it your responsibility to stay updated about this constantly evolving space and start investing in creating original content to promote organic growth.
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