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How to Tell if Someone Bought Fake Instagram Followers

Instagram has been a hub for social media influencers for a few years now. Many of them have genuinely worked to build an organic audience, but amidst them, there are some who have bought fake Instagram followers. Many services assist them in this regard. As an influencer marketing manager or marketer, your first step before selecting someone for collaboration is ensuring that their followers are genuine, not fake. Failure to do so will defeat the entire purpose

of your marketing campaign, and your budget will surely go to waste. To prevent such distressing consequences, we have listed advice below to detect fake Instagram followers.

However, before delving into the details, you should be aware of the different kinds of fake Instagram followers:


These usually account with no posts but are only used to like and comment on other posts based on tags.


These are generally used to spam, cheat, and advertising. Often real accounts are hacked and used for this purpose.


These are real people, but for a certain price would follow, like, comment, or share your post. As long as you pay them, they will keep doing this for you.

Red Flags to Detect Fake Instagram Followers