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Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Market

Traditional marketing techniques are history. Social media marketing is what’s important for the real estate market. Here are some tips to remember.

The real estate market isn’t just a brick and mortar establishment, but has a stronghold online too. Traditional marketing techniques need to take a back seat, and social media marketing needs to be focused on more.

If you are a realtor or investor, you already know how much of an impact social media has when it comes to developing trust with your clients. It can also be used as a major lead generator for new clients if used efficiently. Here are some tips you can apply when using social media for real estate advertising:

The Right Hashtags

Hashtags are often considered to be incorporated just to increase your likes on a post. While hashtags do help with engagement on posts, they also help with new people discovering you. If you use the right real estate hashtags, you should optimize your content and reach out to a more relevant audience. Potential homeowners and buyers would be able to find you based on the hashtag you add.

Hashtag Tools

If the hashtags you are already using aren’t that effective, you can take the help of some hashtag tools to make your life easier. A popular tool for hashtag suggestions on Twitter is Hashtagify; this also allows you to track and analyze the hashtags. Another similar site is Ritetag, which can be used for any site. If you are wary of the effectiveness of these services, you can go for the free trial first to test it out.

Realtor Quotes

Coming up with quality content for your real estate business is no easy task. The goal is to use simple ideas that your audience can connect with, so your energy goes into selling and buying the houses.

A great thing to include in your content strategy is real estate quotes and testimonials. This would help build trust and a relationship with your audience. You can turn those quotes into fun and attractive images that would attract the attention of anyone scrolling through their feed.

Scheduling Posts

Consistent posts on your social media make a huge difference in the overall performance. However, with the ever-changing schedule in the real estate business, it can be tough to post consistently. One way you can make your life easier is by using tools like Buffer, Later, and Hootsuite. You can prepare content in advance and schedule it for the entire week or even a month so that even if you are busy, your social media is consistently updated.

Real Estate Blogs

Most real estate websites have a blog section, but most of those blogs are inactive or have content that isn’t valuable to the audience. If you are sharing content on your blog, it needs to reflect your expertise in the real estate business and should be optimized, so potential clients go to your social media and website.

Some of the content you can add are market predictions and statistics, tips for homeowners and what they need to know before buying or selling a house, and information about the neighborhood. This is all content every seller or buyer would want to know and will automatically increase your audience.

Optimize Facebook Posts, and Ads

Facebook is a platform preferred by both homeowners and sellers. Real estate businesses that effectively use this platform are booming. You could choose to share both organic and paid content. Some of the posts you can share could be related to real estate tips for new homeowners and sellers, promoting local businesses and events in the community. Real estate testimonials for your business and even giveaways and contests can help attract more people to your business.

Your goal is to connect with your audience and help them remember your brand name. That way, when they are in the real estate market looking to purchase a new property, your name is the one that immediately comes to mind because of your presence on social media.

Hashtag your posts

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