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Social Media Updates - What's New This Month

We understand that while you are busy creating new content, scheduling posts, and engaging with your followers, carving out some time to learn about the ever-changing policies and features of social media platforms can be a daunting task. As an entrepreneur in this day and age, it is your responsibility to take the time to learn about new ways to improve your brand’s social media strategy. So, put down your phone and read on to learn about the amazing social media updates this month:

Twitter “Notes” | A New Long-Form Blogging Option Attached to Tweets
Twitter has recently announced that they are launching “Notes”, a new feature that will allow users to publish long-form blogs on the platform. This is yet to be the tweeting social media platform’s most significant change since doubling the character count from 140 to 280 characters. According to the announcement, the title of Twitter Notes can go up to 100 words, while the body content can be as long as 2,500 words which is a game-changer compared to the 280-character limitation. Further, the notes feature allows users to make edits even after the content has been published. Once published, the long-form blog will appear as a Twitter card, allowing the users access to the full content with just a click.

LinkedIn Rolls Out its New “Funny” Reaction
Even though not available to everyone yet, the first batch of LinkedIn users will now see a funny emoji as an option to react to posts. The professional networking social media platform has teased about this update since last year, and it seems like they are finally moving forward with their commitment. The new laughing emoji will join the panel of the six other reaction options on the LinkedIn posts. The latest reaction will allow you to express your opinion about a post that made you smile or laugh or offered light-hearted humor in a professional context.

Meta Adds More Reel Creation Options on Facebook and Instagram
As the trend for short-form videos continues to grow, Meta is keen on adding new ways for users to remix their content to create new reels on Instagram. Doubling down on the reels trend, this social media update also allows you to create new reels from your existing videos using Creator Studio. Hence, users will no longer have to worry about posting brand new content as they can simply re-use their videos, pictures, interactive stickers, and even import sound to create something extraordinary.

Instagram Officially Launches Pinned Posts
In April 2022, Instagram announced that they were working on a new feature that would allow content creators to customize their profile by pinning up to three posts of their own choice to the top of their profile grid. The latest social media update of the photo-sharing platform will give you complete control over your profile, as you will now be able to pin the three posts that best introduce or represent your brand. This will also allow you to highlight news or noteworthy content and rearrange and crop the posts on the top of your Instagram profile.

Wrapping It Up!
One thing is for sure, no matter what happens, the digital world will keep evolving. What started out as simple status- or photo-sharing platforms have now been taken over by reels, long-form writing, and even “reactions.” All the latest social media updates give content creators more control, allowing them to customize and promote their brand in whatever way they like.
Watch this space to learn more about the latest social media updates!

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