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Social Media News – 4 Social Media Updates You Can't Afford to Miss Out

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Every month, we share bite-size summaries of the best social media practices, content ideas, and trends. These are based on extensive research and our own experience. So, without further ado, here are the top four social media updates this month:

1. Twitter Users Can Now CoTweet with Others on the Platform

Ever heard the saying, Two heads are better than one? Inspired by this theory, Twitter launched CoTweet, a feature allowing users to invite any public account they follow and co-author a tweet with
them. The popular tweet-sharing app gives the invitee complete control over whether they want to co-author a tweet or decline the request. In case of a rejected request, the algorithm of the social media app deletes the draft automatically.
Still, in the testing phase, Twitter CoTweet feature is currently only available to limited users. To know if you have access to the limited feature, log in to your Twitter account and see if a new icon appears at the bottom of the compose tweet section and next to the location icon.

2. Meta Is Developing a New AI System That Will Create Visual
Interpretations of Text and Sketch Prompts

One of the most interesting Artificial Intelligence developments of 2022 in the world of social media has undoubtedly been
Dall-E. The tool enables you to enter text like
a horse using a computer, and automatically convert it into an interactive image based on the algorithm's understanding of the data.
Always eager to start something new, the developers of Meta have recently announced that they are experimenting with a similar AI interpretational system that goes by the name Make-A-Scene. This feature will allow users to create innovative visual representations from text input. According to developers, Make-A-Scene will help machine learning processes understand and learn the way humans see the world. Though a bit scary, the data from this tool will be used to power a range of functional applications such as improved VR and AR experiences, accessibility tools, and automated cars.

Instagram Tests New Messaging and Notes Feature
Many Instagram users were left flabbergasted this week to see a new Notes section plugged in the horizontal feed right at the top of their DM. Similar to the tweets on Twitter and Facebook status
features, Insta-Notes allows users to share a text message of up to 60 characters with their audience.
Here is how you can create\ Notes\ on the photo-sharing social media app:
● Navigate to the top right of the screen and click on the Instagram Messenger icon.
● Now tap on the plus sign under the word\ Notes.\
● Get into your creative mode and type something fun.
● Click on share and select whether you want to share your \ Note\ with your close friend's list or all of your followers.
● Finally, click on Share on the top right to post your Insta-Note.

Like Instagram Stories, the Notes will only be visible for 24 hours, after which they will be automatically deleted. In case someone replies to your Note, a chat thread will begin between you two. Even though the feature is currently available to a few users, social media experts believe it can be a game changer for business accounts as it will allow them to send a quick, personalized message to their audience.

LinkedIn Plans to Make Repost a Default Post
Engagement Option
Last month, LinkedIn launched a test version of the new report feature, which allows you to amplify a post to your LinkedIn network. According to renowned social media strategists, the Repost feature can be an excellent tool for alerting your network about new industry-specific trend reports, new job opportunities, and aspiring creators.

The bottom line

From Twitter launching the CoTweet feature and Instagram releasing Notes, to Meta developing a text to image AI tool, and LinkedIn planning to introduce Repost, a lot is going on in the world of social media. This is just a snippet of this month's most promising social media updates.

So what do you think, is the future finally here?

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