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Social Media Trends in 2021

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Social media is a constantly changing world. It is important to stay relevant by keeping up with the trends. Find out the social media trends in 2021.

Social media is an ever-evolving world; what’s in today is outdated tomorrow. But there are certain social media trends in 2021 to keep an eye out for.

The Organic Relationship Funnel

A HubSpot study proved that 75% of people don’t consider social media advertisements as the truth and think of them as unreliable. They prefer search results that show up organically rather than ones pushed through ads.

Consumer Ratings

The same study also proved that 63% of social media users feel consumer ratings are #1. Ensuring your consumers review your product and services and provide much-needed feedback impacts your business and its ratings.


The goal for any business using social media for marketing is that their posts end up at the top of their audience’s social feed. The way to keep up to date with the algorithm is to have engaging content that your audience would like, comment and even share; this would amplify your content.

Word of Mouth

90% of people would trust recommendations from friends rather than strangers. Using marketing tactics that capture your audience’s interests and make them talk about you impacts your brand image and trust in the market.


Don’t create content for just one social media app. Diversify your portfolio and stay current about trending apps. At present, Instagram and Linkedin are two of the most popular apps that have the highest audience reach.

Social Media Live Sessions

One trend that soared in the past year were live sessions on social media. With everyone being home, celebrities and, businesses alike held live sessions to grab their followers’ attention and engage them.

Businesses can do the same to announce launches, show behind-the-scenes, host interviews, collaborations, and even facilitate account takeovers by different celebrities.

These are some of the key social media trends in 2021 that ought to be taken into consideration when developing a marketing strategy.

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