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How to Write a Caption on Social Media | Everything You Need to Know!

Having a strong presence on digital platforms is an excellent way to increase brand awareness, drive conversations and build a following. However, it is equally essential to remember that every social media platform is unique. It requires writing using different approaches (post formats, demographics, requirements, and trends) for social media captions along with a pinch of your own personality. To make digital marketing easier, we have compiled some quick tips and tricks relevant to major social channels. Read on to learn how to write captions on social media.


LinkedIn aims to help you create a strong network by connecting you to working professionals worldwide. Because of this, the social media channel has an entirely different writing style and audience compared to Instagram and Facebook. However, when it comes to social media captions, LinkedIn follows in the footsteps of many other platforms; less is more. Since it is more formal, your writing should be professional, and everything should be posted with the intent to build business connections. You can share credible articles to drive engagement, boost retention and customer acquisition and establish your expertise.

Number of Characters: The character limit on LinkedIn posts is 700. However, because of the “see more” button, your social media caption will be truncated at a 140 character mark. Therefore, it is advised to keep your caption below the limit. If you want to post a long-form piece, opt for sharing a publishing article on your profile.

Emojis: Emojis create a sense of informality; hence they are discouraged on this social media platform. However, feel free to incorporate images and GIFS to make your post standout.

Hashtags: For maximum exposure, incorporate at most three hashtags at the end of your social media caption. Any more than this can make your LinkedIn post look spammy.

Audience: Even though the audience is pretty evenly split, most of the users are male.

CTA: LinkedIn allows inline linking, making crafting CTAs relatively easier.


Instagram, as you might already know, is driven by visuals. Therefore, it’s best to keep the social media captions for this platform as sweet and short as possible. The primary goal of your social media caption should be to provide context for the video or image, providing an accurate call-to-action that encourages viewers to engage with the content. Note that most users on Instagram aren’t looking for in-depth reading, thereby keeping your content concise and direct.