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How to Get People off Social Media and on Your Email List?

How to Use Social Media to Increase Your Email List

Email marketing is tough competition. On average, each individual receives 140 emails per day. So how to get email subscribers that are actually responsive to your brand? Social media is your knight in shining armor!

Other than email addresses, social media can also be used to generate leads.


Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Email Marketing Landing Page

You need to use your social media to attract your followers and direct them to your website. On your website, you can entice them with eBooks, webinars, newsletters, or any other content that they would like in exchange for their email address. Here is how you can get your social media followers to visit your website:

Add Your Website Link to Your Socials

This could be a landing page with a pop-up form or a homepage. Followers who tap on the link in your bio should be directed to the pop-up page where they can view your offer and provide their email addresses.

Add a Sign-Up Button and Opt-in Form to Your Facebook Page

Organic Facebook reach is no longer as lucrative as it used to be. However, adding a signup button on your page might help you overcome this hurdle to quite an extent.